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Journey To Jemima

Please click on above link for more information about this stunning video produced by a LMI family.

Review: Little Miracles International recommends "JOURNEY TO JEMIMA" to families seeking wisdom about adoption, families already in the adoption process for any country, families who have adopted and families preparing to travel to pick up their child. You will never be able to shake this adoption travel story from your heart as you see the miracle of a LMI family meeting their daughter for the first time, and the adoption process and bonding that comes alive as you are drawn into this story of faith! This is a courageous, inspirational and breathtaking video that will repeatedly bless your family and friends! You will laugh, you will cry and you will want to watch again and again! This video is a MUST HAVE for those who have been touched by adoption.

     --Lori Scott, Executive Director, Little Miracles International, Inc.

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