There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings. ~Hodding Carter, Jr.~
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Adoption Journeys
I Have My Dream, The Simon Adoption Journey
I started my journey to adopt just a year ago this week, on my 31st birthday, and tonight my most perfect little Kazak beauty lies sleeping in her crib upstairs (February 2008.)

I was a bit obsessive you might say about my research, which started many months prior to actually starting my journey. I spent hundreds of hours, no kidding, online researching countries, agencies, fees, accreditati ...[continue]

Give up! We were told, The Nicco Cristiano Borsa Journey
International adoption sometimes becomes difficult when a country decides to change their adoption processes and laws. The Borsa family knows all too well what this felt like when the journey almost seemed impossible but they persevered! International adoption is also filled with many miracles, this journey is indeed a miracle! Travel with this family through their video montage of their adopti ...[continue]

Coming Full Circle, The Towery Adoption Story
Our story begins like many others…we struggled for years to have children of our own. Finally we were blessed with a beautiful daughter born in April 2002. And even though God had blessed us with a biological child of our own, we still wanted more children. We discussed adoption on numerous occasions but struggled with all of the different aspects it entailed (financial & emotional).


Dreams Become Reality, The Robinson Adoption Story
1/4/2008 We are writing to share that we are SO relieved that we chose Little Miracles as our adoption agency. We returned from Kazakhstan 5 days ago with our stunning 11-month old daughter, Aila, and we could not be happier. She is already the light of our lives - and we are so thankful to everyone at Little Miracles for all that you did to make our dream of becoming parents a reality.

Wh ...[continue]

P is for Perfect! The Keenan Adoption Story
First Trip to the Orphanage

We arrived at the orphanage tired and dirty, but running on adreneline. Patrick and Mitchell had held up so well, but were running out of steam at this point. They still managed to sit quietly while we met with the orphanage director. He is a nice man, but again, the Kaz culture makes them seem stoic and unfriendly at first. He asked us a lot of questions which our i ...[continue]

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