Hugs can do great amounts of good -- especially for children. ~Princess Diana of Wales~
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Our Little Miracles

Araya in the baby house.
A bright smile in Illinois! At near 2 when she arrived home from Kazahkstan, she developed quite a sense of humor, and keeps everyone laughing. She has particularly bonded well with her big brother who absolutely adores her. Not only does she have Dad wrapped around her finger but big brother, too!

One happy family!

Martin and Kammryn-Rose

Sometimes we have families that inspire us during an adoption process. This is one of those families. They piloted a program for us and faced each hurdle with acceptance, then joy. They assimilated into the culture, they participated, they understood they had to follow guidance, and despite any bumps in the road, they came out victorious and happy. This family is truly a blessing for LMI and we are so proud of them.


When Parker's family decided to adopt from Africa in the spring, little did they know they would bring home the ultimate gift in time for Christmas! Little Parker joined big brother Aden (adopted from Ethiopia) in early December 2011. It certainly made for a wild and crazy December, but this family wouldn't have it any other way!


Skylar Referral Photo
This family traveled to Russia to adopt the child they had waited so long for. Skylar is a joy to everyone who meets her. Skylar is now growing up in Texas!

You can read about their Adoption Journey.

Skylar in Texas, 2004!

Skylar 2010, 5th grade here she comes!!!


Hanna in the Orphanage
Sweet Hannah came home to her mom, Erin, and grandmother in Ohio in spring of 2010. Hannah's mom arrived in Almaty in the midst of terrible weather, but a little blizzard wasn't going to stop her from meeting her daughter. When flights were canceled from Almaty to Shymkent, the Little Miracles associates in Kazakhstan quickly implemented plan B: a 12-hour overnight train ride that would ultimately bring Hannah's mommy to meet her baby.

After all was said and done, Hannah arrived in Ohio and has been the talk of the town. She already has a few Kazakhstan comrades. Several families in Ohio have adopted from Kazakhstan with LMI and Hannah has Dalton (adopted from Semey in 2008, here with Hanna's mom Erin) to show her around town!

Hanna and Dalton from Kazakhstan

Emme and Max

The Kimbroughs
This special single mom was called to adopt in Russia. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd become the mom to two perfect little miracles. The Kimbrough family was united finally in March 2004 after two uneventful quick trips to Russia. Emme and Max are adjusting beautifully and we enjoy having them in the Amarillo area so the LMI staff can love on them!!

Fast forward to 2009...Max and Emme are really big now!!!

Sweet babies!

Aya and Lucy

Aya protects baby Lucy on the slide
Lucy and Aya Gatto are amazing Little Miracles! At age 1 and 3, the girls arrived home in Washington in time for Valentine's Day 2009. Their very busy parents have both full hearts and hands with these beautiful sisters!


Sabina in the baby house
Sabina, came home with her mom, on April 2, 2009 at 3.5 years old. At this age she is learning and growing so fast! She has made an amazing transition to her new life. The photos are a testament to growth and improvement after adoption.

Miss Priss, Princess Sabina!


Happy Family!
Brandon came home to South Carolina just in time to ring in 2009. This family originally wanted to adopt a baby girl. When the call came about a beautiful baby boy to adopt, they packed up the pink and painted the room blue! They were over the moon happy to become parents, and within a few days they were in Shymkent, Kazakhstan and in love with their son. Mom says, "We thought we had to have a baby girl, but God gave us exactly what we needed - we can't imagine life without Brandon".

Claire, Gabe and Gracie

Claire, Gracie and Gabe, October 2008
UPDATE May 2009: Mom went back to Kazakhstan for a second time in 2005 and adopted Gracie (Mary Grace) 6 months!

Claire is now 9 and in the 3rd grade. She loves all sports, but especially soccer. She is an excellent student. Gracie just turned 4 and loves to pretend she is Spiderman, Superman, a pirate, or a "bad guy". She has the face of a china doll, but at heart she is all Tom-boy. Gabe is 11 and in the 5th grade. He plays soccer because Mom thinks it's good for him to get some exercise. He'd prefer to play with Legos, his play-station, or just read. He is also a very strong student and reads well above his grade level.

From Mom: "I have truly been blessed with my three little miracles. I took this picture and put in on my coffee mug and my desktop because it captures them so well and just makes me smile."

It makes everyone at LMI smile too! What happy kids! LMI used to get so many requests to know about "the baby in pink on your website." LMI is so happy to say to that "baby in pink" You are really a beautiful young lady!

Claire came to live with her mother in early 2000 after an adventure in Kazakhstan! She was joined by her brother from Romania in the summer of the same year. Now Claire, her brother and mom have a wonderful life and have built an international family together! Precious Claire has grown and flourished and has continued to bring a smile to everyone who meets her!

Claire Home in California!

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