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These e-mail Lists provide information to people investigating International Adoption as well as a solid base of support from families who have been through the process.  An e-mail list is a place where you can voice your views and help others or obtain information via internet e-mail.   

There is a shared file area for you to upload or download informational materials and photos and a shared bookmark URL area to provide the other list members with informational links on the web. There are currently thousands of participants on our various lists which are the friendliest on the internet.

The above e-mail lists are an arena for all interested in the international adoption procedures. Families who are currently adopting and those who are are interested in adopting are welcome to join!  These lists are rather informal and we participate in discussion of all topics in reference to adoption from the particular country you are interested in.  We will discuss cultural/geographical current affairs and connect families with children who might have been living in the same orphanages. Provide avenues of humanitarian aid. Discussion of current status and changes in adoption law and procedure. We will discuss small issues like weather traveling as well as travel tips to make your trip as problem free as possible. Other topics of interest: Language, foods, geography, history, immigration procedures, dossier, homestudies, lifebooks, ethnic Romania, Russia, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Uganda and Ukraine and their subcultures. Also medical and emotional issues of the post-institutionalized child and parenting.  These are open informative/supportive forums for all who have been and will be touched by international adoption. Personal adoption stories are most welcome! Participation by professionals and agencies is fine, identification on your posts please

Little Miracles International Updates is a subscription list if you want to know when we update our website or change our photolisting pages!

RUSSIA LIST is for all interested in Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus, and Central Asia.

ROMANIA LIST is for those interested in Romania and Moldova.

KAZAKHSTAN LIST is for people only interested in Kazakhstan adoption. Those interested in Kazakhstan might also want to join the Russian list as many of the procedures are the same, and you must go through Moscow on your end trip out of Kazakhstan to finish your paperwork.

UGANDA LIST is for families embarking on an Ugandan Adoption.

UKRAINE LIST is for families embarking on an AGENCY Ukrainian adoption. The Ukraine list is not for independent adopters.

GUATEMALA LIST is for those interested in the adoption of a Guatemalan infant or child.

DISCLAIMER: This list is a forum whereby people in the general public can participate in a lively e-mail support group. Little Miracles International, Inc.cannot be responsible for anycontent, suggestions or medical advice sent to these public lists.

LMI reserves the right to cancel subscriptions and reject posts of members at any time, especially if there are problems which occur to cause intentional harm of reputation or defamatory statements against others or other issues which can disrupt the supportive atmosphere of this informal list. There are other forums for this type of banter. LMI has no way to verify posts coming to the list, whether positive or negative in nature.