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Family Testimonials
Happy With Kazakhstan...
We are doing really well! Can you believe that one year ago today. You called me and told me the good news that in two weeks we would be going to Kaz. On February 13, we boarded a plane with such joy and anticipation. I could not stop thinking what did he or she looked like, how old would he or she be, would he like us, and what was Kazakhstan like!

We had labored through all of the paperwork and appointments, and had a horrible experience with another agency.

But that all of that melted away when we sat in the director's office, and they brought Alexander in, and placed him on my lap. I could not believe how beautiful he was, and how small.

Although we could not speak each others language, LOVE as the say is a universal language

I have been wanting to thank you again and the staff at LMI. For making our dreams come true! We could not have been happier with LMI, and the staff in Kazakhstan. We would be happy to speak to anyone who would like to know more about Kazakhstan, and our experience with living there for 9 weeks.

- Kevin and Nicole Lord, adopted Alexander in Kazahstan

Worth Waiting For...
For years my husband and I tried to build a family by having our own children with little success, to trying to adopt from China, and were faced with unexpected delays in the program. Through fate, a very close friend of mine from college suggested we look at the Kazakhstan program and spoke very highly of Little Miracles. It was at this time that we decided to look at alternatives to building our family in the hopes that we would be able to welcome a child into our family. I instantly felt a connection with Little Miracles and our program coordinator, Andrea. Throughout the journey LMI was open and honest about the process and helped to set realistic expectations about timelines. Little Miracles held my hand through the process from preparation of our dossier to preparing for our trip to meet our girls for the first time.

Approximately 15 months following the completion of our initial application to LMI, my husband and I welcomed home two beautiful little daughters that happened to be biological sisters. My husband and I could not have imagined a better ending to our long journey and often times struggle of having a family. The team at Little Miracles is truly dedicated, passionate and professional from our program coordinator, Andrea to the wonderful in country team that welcomed us in their country. We have been home nearly 2 months with our lovely little girls and are amazed at how they continue to flourish everyday. We can not thank Little Miracles enough for helping to complete our family.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

- David and Lori Gatto, Washington, adopted Aya and Lucy, Semey, Kazakhstan, February, 2009

An Amazing Transition...
Sabina, came home with her mom, Elise, on April 2, 2009 at 3.5 years old. She has made an amazing transition to her new life. In only eight short weeks, most people who meet her are amazed that her English language skills have developed so quickly, but what truly impresses her mom is how she has stepped into her new life and surroundings with such ease and resilience.

Sabina spends most of her days playing in Central Park, visiting the Natural History Museum, taking toddler hip hop and yoga classes. I can’t imagine a more drastic change of environment for a young child to go through and Sabina seems to take each day in stride, instead of being fearful of her new world as I had been concerned she would be, she is a sponge, soaking in every new day, brave when facing a new experience and beyond curious to know and understand everything that she sees and hears.

Sabina lived at the Baby House in Semey, Kazakhstan since she was two months old; her development and bright spirit are a testament to the great care she received those first three years of her life and thanks to the wonderful folks at Little Miracles, who patiently calmed my pre-adoption anxieties and brought Sabina and I together we are now a family.

- Elise Preston adopted Sabina, Semey, Kazakhstan, April 2, 2009

Expectations Exceeded...
Rarely do we participate in endorsements or testimonials for organizations, however, our experience with LMI exceeded our expectations and we feel they were a true partner considering the sensitivity of the many challenges with bringing our son home.

With months of research, countless phone calls and interviews we decided to put our trust in LMI to bring our little miracle home. From our first conversation with Lisa Glover (our coordinator) we felt in our hearts we had made the right choice in a leap of faith in our quest to bring our son home. Lisa acted as if she was part of our family. Her follow up and ability to communicate gained our trust and at times when our situation looked bleak with the current political climate in Guatemala she was our biggest cheer leader!

We appreciate the up front professionalism and warmth that LMI provided in perhaps our families biggest decision. Phone calls were returned immediately, information in real time was outstanding, and never did we feel that we were in the dark or that our concerns were not addressed. Rare in today’s world!

From our first encounter with our son and the foster family we were amazed to witness the warmth and love Nicco was receiving. The whole team from LMI went out there way to make us feel secure and safe; we felt we were among friends. Going the extra mile was their motto, never did we encounter “we can not do that.” Again, very rare.

Our son has adjusted quickly and has had no problems, We attribute our good fortune to the foster family that cared and loved him in his first months of life. We are blessed and can not imagine our family without him!

It is our honor to recommend LMI, we believe you can count on them to perform miracles!

- Christopher and Kelly Borsa, adopted Nicco
from Guatemala, Spring 2008

There to Hold My Hand...
In every way, Little Miracles lives up to its name. On a daily basis, they help to create miracles and to fulfill the dreams of so many families. They strive to provide beautiful children with loving homes. From start to finish, my adoption was flawless. There were no surprises. The fees were exactly as stated, the medical records were accurate, and there was no hidden agenda. My daughter, Hayden, has been home for almost 9 months now and she is just thriving. She is a joy and a delight and consistently charms those around her.

From day one, Little Miracles was there to hold my hand. They answered my questions in a timely manner, calmed my fears throughout the process and addressed my concerns with honesty and integrity. I never felt like a number or a client, but instead I felt like a friend. Andrea, my Kazakhstan coordinator, treated me with so much love, caring and kindness and I trusted her completely. The in-country associates in Kazakhstan were absolutely wonderful. They were friendly, reliable, protective and knowledgeable. They went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and safe. They understood that it can become lonely being away from home for such an extended period of time and they did their best to keep us entertained and to show us the “Sights of Semey”. We even had the opportunity to exercise at the gym and we celebrated our adoptions with a very unique spa experience. Although I had initially planned to complete my adoption in two trips, I changed my mind half way through the first trip. The associates were so supportive and made the necessary arrangements for me to extend my stay.

Adoption is truly a leap of faith. If I one day decide to take this leap again, I will look no further than Little Miracles. I thank God every day for bringing Andrea and the Little Miracles staff, both in the US and in Kazakhstan into my life. They are truly the best. I feel privileged to be Hayden’s mom. Thank you, Little Miracles, for bringing us together.

- Joanie Vignovich, adopted Hayden from Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, November 9, 2007

Fun to Get News From Our Coordinator...
We diligently researched many agencies before connecting with Lisa Glover from Little Miracles. She was knowledgeable about different programs and helped us choose the one that best fit our needs. We completed our dossier extremely fast and were matched with a sweet, healthy baby even faster than we could have dreamed. It was fun to get news from Lisa, as she was always as genuinely excited as we were!

What a blessing to be able to visit our baby while waiting for the paper work to be processed! We met the foster family and felt comfortable that somebody knowledgeable and loving was caring for our daughter in our absence. In addition we were able to see how hard working the team was on the Guatemalan side.

Our daughter has been home eight months now. We have had the joy of bonding with our daughter and watching her bond with her siblings as well. Life has never been sweeter.

- Morales Family adopted Margareth, from Guatemala, February 2008

Home for 3 months...
Just wanted to take a minute and give you all and update on our precious little Anna from Semey, Kazakhstan. We traveled in November '07 to meet Anna and returned home with her on December 14, 2007. Anna was a preemie at birth, only 2.9 lbs and when we meter her at 16 months, only 12.5 lbs. She is doing great and is our precious little one. We just returned from her follow-up doctor's appointment this week and she has gained 2 lbs. grown 2 inches and her head has grown one inch, this in only three months! She started walking about a month after we returned home and she is now saying several words.

We just wanted to take a minute to tell you again how much we appreciate LMI. Thanks for bringing these children to their families. Thanks as always for everything.

In his love,

- Matt and Shari Conley adopted Anna, December 2007 from Semey, Kazakhstan

First Time Parents...
When we decided to adopt from Kazakhstan, we spent a lot of time and effort researching and interviewing agencies. We chose LMI because of their excellent reputation in Kazakhstan adoptions. We read several blogs and message board posts of families who had used LMI, and there were only positive comments. When we interviewed Andrea (Kazakhstan coordinator), we felt she was open, honest, and willing to answer any question.

Our adoption process with LMI was flawless. We spoke with Andrea at least weekly, and she kept us abreast of the state of our adoption. She guided us through all the paperwork and gave us moral support during the long waiting periods. The in-country staff in both Semey and Almaty were wonderful. They had a true desire to help us become parents of our first son, Owen. Too, they did anything necessary to make us feel as comfortable as possible and to expedite the process and thus minimize the length of our stay. They did everything from driving us around for errands to hauling a crib up five flights of stairs. We cannot thank the in-country staff enough and will always remember them.

We are forever indebted to LMI for uniting us with our son, and we plan to use LMI for future adoptions.

If you have any questions about our adoption process, view our adoption blog

- Stewart and Ashlee, adopted Owen from Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan,
August, 2007

Life Altering Experience...
We recently returned from Kazakhstan on August 17th 2007 . We could not be happier. Our son is just beautiful and we can’t figure out how we ever lived without him. The LMI team stateside is fantastic and you could not ask for a better group of associates to coordinate your adoption in Semey. We were provided for very well while in country and the fees charged were to the penny. We never experienced one single problem. If it was within their power to provide something for us that we wanted or needed they went above and beyond. We were a group of six and they managed to cater to each and every one of us and let me tell you we were a handful.

It was a life altering experience and we would never consider or recommend doing it without the help of Little Miracles. Our son is happy, healthy, and the center of our world.

- Kevin and Stacey Burd from Kentucky,
adopted Benjamin from Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, August 2007
Our Blog " Where God Leads, He Will Provide"

Switched Agencies And Then My Kazakhstan Miracle....
When I first started the adoption process (with another agency), I had a lot of doubts that it would ever work, but the minute I met Andrea (Kazakhstan Coordinator) and switched to Little Miracles, I just knew it would work. I knew I was in good hands and would not have gotten through the process without you!

Thank you for remembering Grace and my 1-year Anniversary. I cannot believe a year has gone by already as it seems like just yesterday I was at the Baby House in Karakastek and seeing Grace for the very first time. This past year has truly been a miracle for Grace and me. I get so much joy out of seeing her so happy.

- Single mom in Chicago, adopted Grace
from Karakastek, Kazakhstan, Fall 2006

Why we chose LMI...
1) Communication from LMI as soon as we started looking into the agency. They took time to answer our questions (I am sure they have been asked 1 million times before) We weren’t clients – just lookey-loos. They actually talked in great length about the Kaz adoption program, not just telling us they would send out a brochure. When they did send their info – it was all thru email and we got EVERYTHING immediately – didn’t have to wait for snail mail to bring us their package. A+++ on that one.

2) Feedback from many many others showed LMI as a strong, well connected agency who had a great reputation within the adoption community. When there were problems with PAP’s adoptions (and they do happen), we heard nothing but good things about how LMI handled the situation and that it ended in a positive way.

3) I think it says something about an agency when former clients will recommend them to others. LMI kept coming up everywhere.

4) Being from the South, we wanted the southern hospitality during these next trying months. It sounds silly, but it helps!!!

5) Smaller hands on agency –you don’t get lost in the shuffle (it happens).

6) For our Kaz adoption – we wanted the very best agency we could find. LMI fits the bill. After going thru a Russian adoption and being around IA for almost 7 years – we have watched as friends have made bad choices with regards to agencies and we have seen them go thru heartache. We didn’t want to take any chances – we wanted tried and true with the very best contacts.

- Terri Martin, Oklahoma

Flawless Adoption Experience...
I returned from Kazakhstan on Friday August 24, 2007. I used LMI and had a flawless adoption experience. I can tell you that LMI was excellent at communication here and in Kaz. I always knew what to expect with each step in the process. LMI is a large agency but I often felt as if I was the center of their attention as I did using a small agency the first time around. The staff on both sides knows what they are doing and communicates it all quite clearly. In the region of Semey where I adopted, we were taken to see sites, shop, eat out, or whatever we wanted. We had translators and drivers at any time we requested. The fees were exactly as stated and well within reason for Kazakhstan. I think my family is now complete but if I ever choose to adopt again, I know I will turn to LMI!

- One happy LMI mom, Shanna,
mom to Tamar from Pavlodar a. 12/25/03
and now Libby from Semey a. 8/6/07

After Two Failed Adoptions with Other Agencies and an Abrupt Agency Closure, Finally Our Miracle....
We are crazy about our daughter. She is all we dreamed about. She is very smart, clever, funny and loves the family. She already knows we are a family. She loves to give kisses and hugs. All I can say is that the waiting and suffering of all these years is all worth it because at the end God gave us what we wanted--our Little Miracle.

I loved the people in Kaz. Little Miracles has great teams working in Kazakhstan. Olga, Pasha, Lariza, Katia even Nicolas the other driver were all excellent. You fall in love with them; they take care of you like gold; and they become your family in Kaz in the process!! They are our family in Semey,Kazakhstan. I owe all my happiness to Olga (I would call her Angel Olga) for finding the right Miracle child for us, Angela. They were with me all the way and they found the child I dreamed about. I wouldn't have survived those final days without Marina and Sam in Almaty. They made me feel at home and the days went by faster for me and Angela.

The process went so mistakes, no draw clock work from start to finish. The teams are very professional that know exactly what is going on in their jobs and at the same time we met great down to earth people and made great friends. Thank you Little Miracles!

- Giovanni and Blanca Stea adopted Angela, Kazakhstan April 2006

Our Dreams Came True...
Testimonial: We cannot thank Little Miracles International enough for making our dream of becoming a family come true. From the first phone call of inquiry until now, the wonderful service and support we have recieved from them has been amazing. The LMI team both in the US and in KZ is made up of very special people that we will always hold dear to our hearts. Thank you LMI, Andrea, and to our translator and coordinator in Astana...we cannot imagine this experience without you. You can follow our experience from Our Website

- Jason and Michelle Schlafer Kentucky, adopted Wyatt, Astana, Kazakhstan, May 2006.

A Double Gift...
Whatever twist of fate let led me to Little Miracles and such a dedicated group! Thank you for always communicating, for always making me feel special. You told me my babies were waiting for me, and they were!!

The staff in Guatemala were so very helpful and attentive. Even after I was brought the packets for exiting, he said to keep his cell and call him for any reason, night or day...for we stayed 2 more days! I appreciated his being available, even after we were technically finished. He was always kind and helpful. The staff was wonderful.

I am still half in disbelief that I actually have Alex and Eric with me at home!!!! They are both so precious...such sweetness in their snuggles, such cute (but very different) personalities. I feel such love; such protectiveness and this week we have all been working on adjusting to all the new environment, people and emotions. How long will this feeling last of such thankfulness and gratefulness and AWE that I have Eric and Alex home?? This feeling that I have been granted a wonderful gift...2 wonderful gifts!!! Maybe these feelings will last forever! I have one friend who says I am just suffering with sleep deprivation...well, I have not had much sleep!

I am just so lucky, so happy to have these TWO "Little Miracles"!

- Kate Clary, Adopted Eric and Alex referred in February 2006 from Guatemala, home September 2006

Reassuring Welcome in Kazakhstan...
Both the Almaty coordinator and the coordinator from the region met me at the airport with a warm reassuring welcome. The hotel in the region was wonderful in every way with a great location!

Vera was an excellent coordinator and interpreter!! Throughout each part of the procedures she explained things thoroughly and clearly, she was very reassuring in her manner, very friendly yet professional. She was a wonderful friend and companion to me. There was never a need for me to contact Vera with problems because she was always very clear in her explanations and planning, and very regular with her contacts with me.

All fees and instructions were exactly as shown on the information and travel letter provided by LMI.

I wouldn't change anything about the adoption process or travel. I thank you for the very well-handled efficient, professional and supportive way in which you have handled every part of my adoption journey.

Marcia is adopting her second daughter from Kazakhstan with Little Miracles in 2006!

- Marcia Krull, Wisconson, adopted baby Marina from Kazakhstan 2004

Shouting from the Rooftop!!!
This kid is so delicious! We can't get enough of him, although, yes, he does tire us out. But we're building up our endurance. Thank goodness my family is crazy about him, so they don't get tired of listening to my stories.

By all means, put me on your reference list. I wanted to mention that to you because sometimes I feel like getting on top of my roof and screaming about what a wonderful experience we had and what a wonderful kid we have. So at least being on the reference list, I won't have to get on the roof. I would also be happy to talk to people who are getting ready to travel. I really found that comforting and very helpful. Thanks so much for everything!

- Abby Hanover and Steve Gerstein, adopted Shain from Shymkent, Kazakhstan in December 2005

Choosing an Agency...
I cannot say enough about LMI and Lori. From the first phone call to LMI we knew that we had made the right choice! We "found" Nicholas, as a waiting child, on the LMI website and had no idea where Kazakhstan was much less the process to adopt from there. We had completed our homestudy and INS paperwork thinking that we would adopt a newborn from Colombia through another agency. We saw Nicholas' picture and knew that he belonged in our family. I will never forget my first call to Lori, I kept her on the phone for an hour with question after question, which she answered knowledgably and patiently. I remember hanging up the phone and telling my husband that we had found our son and our NEW agency! With much guidance and handholding from Lori we were in Kazakhstan meeting our son 3 short months later! While in country Lori would phone my mother with updates on our progress and even phoned us in Kazakhstan to check on us!

For those starting the process I feel that it is a requirement to choose an agency run by people that have adopted themselves. Lori has two beautiful daughters through adoption therefore she knows that adoption is an emotional roller coaster. She was my friend, confidant, and adoption agency rolled into one!

- Vickie and Charles Marandina adopted Nicholas from Kazakhstan

Starting our second journey...
Choosing an adoption agency is probably one of the most important and also one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. We feel so fortunate that the little boy we fell in love with happened to be listed with LMI. Through LMI we received honesty, hard work and dedication in making our dreams come true. There was no hidden agenda or costs. Lori Scott was dedicated to us from start to... I was going to say finish, but there is no end to this. Lori is still there for us. You will never be alone in your journey and she truly cares. We are starting our second adoption journey with Little Miracles and again we thank God that they are there to make our second dream come true.
UPDATE: Their son Sammy has come home from China, 2006!


Guided to Ukraine...
I sit here with my Little Miracle in my lap as I write this. Unlike many adoptive parents, I very suddenly knew it was time for me to adopt and that I was being guided all along the way to the child who was meant to be mine. Fortunately, I was guided to Little Miracles International Adoption to help me in the process. I adopted as a single woman, a daunting task in and of itself. All along the way, and still years later, I felt supported and genuinely cared for in all dealings with LMI. I have the pleasure of having adopted from Ukraine which has a unique adoption procedure. It is one that takes a leap of faith, (as does any form of becoming a parent) but also has a special appeal for the right parent(s). I am happy to share with anyone my experiences with LMI, my experiences of adopting as a single woman, or my experiences of adopting from Ukraine. You face many decisions and challenges as you go through the process of international adoption. Rest assured that deciding to use LMI to assist you in the process is one of the best decisions you can make and will lead you to the best thing of all - that most wanted and loved child.

- Karen Van Ert, adopted Tess from Ukraine

Worth Every Second of the Wait...
Dear LMI Staff,

I know this note is coming late, but I can't thank everyone enough at Little Miracles for helping us bring home our little miracle, Karter. Not a day goes by that I don't think to myself or tell my husband that we have the most precious little boy born in Guatemala. Karter is so amazing and he keeps us running all the time. I look back at pictures or think back to our first visit and I can't believe how far he has come. He loves life and starts each day running. He loves playing with friends but enjoys time alone at home with his toys or books.

There is nothing that can melt my heart faster than when Karter blows me a kiss or says, "Love you mama."

Thank you again for all your help and support. It was a long hard road, but worth every second of the wait. I hope soon to begin the process of bringing home Karter a little sister or brother if that is what God has in mind.

With Sincerere Appreciation,

- Jason and Heather Vanosdol, Texas, adopted Karter from Guatemala

Life is Wonderful...
Life is wonderful! We are so very blessed with Erick, and I am so
grateful that you helped us with our dream. I can now say that I know how you feel having a new smile in your life - and having that smile to wake up to each and every day. Life is wonderful! Erick is a blessing to our family. His older sister, Nicole, continues to love her little brother. Erick began walking about three weeks ago, just the other day, Nicole and I sat on the floor about two feet apart with our arms open for Erick to walk to us - and at the last second, he jumped into Nicole's arms - but that's ok, I'm so happy that he feels so close to her, I know that he loves me too!

Needless to say, our family has become "the family" to talk to if someone is considering adoption - and that is exactly what I want! We have met so many people who can't have children and are so sad - then they see the glimmer of love in our eyes when we speak of Erick and it is so wonderful to see hope in their eyes, hope that has been replaced with sadness in the past. This is the greatest gift of all, when we can replace sadness with love and hope - the true gifts of God.

I welcome the opportunity to talk with people who are unsure or on the fence to adopt. Words cannot describe the feelings of love and happiness we have. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

- Ron and Terry Barsalou, from Virginia adopted Erick from Guatemala

While Living Abroad....
In December 2000, we decided to pursue an adoption after 6 yrs of trying to get pregnant. We researched agencies for about 4 months before deciding to go with Little Miracles. It was one of the toughest decisions to make, but one that we have never regretted. I remember chatting with other families asking how they came about choosing their agency. The response I got over and over was that it was just a “gut” feeling. They couldn’t have been more right. From the moment we contacted LMI for information, we felt an immediate comfort. We followed up with the families who had completed their adoption journey with LMI and the reviews and comments made were nothing short of “awesome”. This was our agency! There was still one more concern we had before making the full commitment. Do they work with US families living abroad?

We were quickly relieved and ecstatic to learn that “yes, they do!” At the same time we decided to pursue an adoption, my husband accepted a position in Germany. We knew it was possible to adopt while living abroad, but being non-military makes it more difficult. Not many agencies are willing to take on this type of “project”. Here we were, US citizens, residing in Germany and adopting from Russia! Just think of that paperwork! Nonetheless, LMI made us feel as if we were across the street. They were diligent, professional and supportive.

Once our required paperwork was in and we were waiting for our referral, not a week went by that LMI didn’t contact us just to see how we were doing and to tell us to hang in there. That was so important to us, especially at a time when you feel completely at the mercy of others. In addition, never once did we feel we couldn’t contact them (we were 7 hrs. ahead of Texas). They made themselves available and graciously answered all of our questions…two and three times over! When the day came for our referral they were just as excited for us as we were. We accepted our referral and traveled to Vladivostok, Russia to meet our new son. LMI assisted us every step of the way and our trip to meet and bring home our 8 month old son was flawless.

It is hard to believe that we have had our son home over 2 years. Last year we moved back to the states and started a second adoption with LMI, where now we are awaiting the referral of a little girl. The process can sometimes seem endless and the paperwork daunting. But working with a good agency can make all the difference in the world.

- Jim and Stephanie Engelerdt, adopted Jimmy from Russia

Fast and Flawless Experience...
We chose Little Miracles based on word-of-mouth praise and are so glad we did. They do a lot of adoptions in Kazakhstan and, therefore, have a great relationship with the orphanage directors. That, combined with their being a medium-sized agency, gave us the personal touch we needed. LMI's network of translators, drivers, etc. in Kazakhstan is exceptional, which is very important, and we just think the world of Andrea, our state-side coordinator.

Andrea was great at communicating with us and getting back to us quickly when we had questions along the way. We also communicated many times with Lori Scott, the director of LMI, via phone calls and email and she was just as quick to respond to the emails we sent her. Again, the bonus of using a smaller agency. In fact, Lori was in Kazakhstan and saw Alex and knew he was the child for us. Four months later we finally got to meet him and the rest is history! We had a great trip and a flawless experience overall.

- Jim and Anne Bentley, Texas, adopted Alex spring 2005--Taraz, Kazakhstan

Amazing trip to China...
When my husband and I found out that we were unable to have children of our own we knew that adoption was for us. Friends of ours invited us to their house to meet their 2.5 year old daughter whom they had adopted from Kazakhstan. We fell in love with her. We discussed which agency they used and decided that Little Miracles was for us.

We live in New Jersey and LMI was in Texas but that did not stop us. We started the adoption process. LMI was there anytime that we need them. I always had a million questions for them and they always had the answers. It was tough but the staff at LMI was there helping every step of the way. Finally, when it was time to send of dossier to China it was a long nine months. (Even though we thought at the time it was going to be 12-15 months before we received our referral). LMI kept in touch with us thru email to see how things were going. On 11-19 we received the call that China had found us a daughter. They email me the picture while I was on the phone with them. The the LMI staff and I both just cried with tears of joy. Now, it was time to wait for the travel approval. Each week LMI sent me updates. Finally, our time had come and we were traveling to China. They assisted us with our flights to China. They took care of air flights, tours and hotels. Our stay in China was amazing. We returned home on 2-13 and within a few days I received a call from LMI making sure that we were ok. They told me if I needed anything they were there.

My husband and I are very thrilled with our experience and are ready to do it again. I know that the staff at LMI is willing and ready to assist me in bringing home another daughter.

- William and Lisa Glover, New Jersey, adopted Samantha Jo from China, 2004.

A light at the end of the tunnel...
Finding an adoption agency is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Little Miracles, International was a Big Miracle in our lives. The adoption process is not always easy or smooth, and it is an extremely emotional one. The confidence and support we received from Lori and her staff never waivered. We felt free to contact LMI with questions and worries, or just to talk about our feelings at any time. I was not a number, I was not a file. I was a person trying to build a family, and Lori Scott and her staff led the way.

When I scoured the web for information on agencies (and believe me, I did months of research), I heard only high praise for LMI. I am so happy to be on the other side, able to help people recognize the value in this team. I feel I shared very special moments with LMI, and the other adoptive families working with the agency.

Around the world for an extended period of time can be lonely without steadfast support in-country. LMI gives you a staff in Kazakhstan that doesn't let this happen! There were reliable, friendly, people who make you feel at home in your child's country. The collaborative team led us through and to the greatest pleasure/challenge (pick a moment!) of our life: parenthood.

There is light at the end of the adoption tunnel. Our light is named Haley. She was 11 months on her adoption day, and is now a feisty 17-month-old who brings joy into so many lives. We are privileged to call her our daughter, and can't imagine another personality in our lives.

Please feel free to contact us at the following email with any questions!

- Andrea and Larry Jacobs, proud parents of Haley Marisa Jacobs, born 10/18/02, adopted 9/18/03 in Kazakhstan

God's Perfect Will...
The orphanage was far exceeding anything I expected. It was very clean and the children ate very well. The employees seemed to interact with the children with a genuine care and concern. She has been very well cared for. They brought her into the room freshly bathed, wrapped in a warm blanket. They handed her to me and I got to see her from head to toe. I began putting lotion on her and dressing her in her new going home outfit. In my head I was thinking that it would be more emotional, but it was as natural as breathing.

There are few times in one’s life that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are in the dead-on center of God’s will. Stepping onto that plane on February 15th was the one time I knew with calm assurance that I was in God’s perfect will for my life. I had a calm and peace about it that passed my understanding. Some would say I flew Lufthansa…I flew on the wings of prayer. Some say as a single mom, I went by myself... the prayers of friends and family across the country surrounded me and kept me warm and secure, I was never alone. Some would say that I was lucky everything went as well as it did. Luck had nothing to do with it. It was without a doubt Divine province.

- Annette Nixon from Tennessee, mother to the amazing and beautiful Marissa adopted 2003 from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

A Single Father's Journey...
Little Miracles is a modest name for an organization that has helped me realize the biggest miracle of my life: being a father to my wonderful son Dominick. As a single male, I researched countless adoption agencies before finally selecting Little Miracles, and I can’t say enough how happy I am that I did. Lori and her staff made the difficult process of international adoption run as smoothly as possible. They are consummate professionals who guided me gently through the extensive paperwork process, making sure that all of my documents were in top shape before submission, and assigned me to a diligently hard working lawyer who not only handled all the details of my case but found a foster mother who took wonderful care of my child before his journey home.

The road to parenthood is filled with an eager anticipation that borders on anxiety. With Little Miracles in charge, you can be sure that your destination is reached, and your child will be home safe in your arms soon. Perhaps one of the highest compliments I can give is that I’m currently using Little Miracles a second time, and I know that soon my son will have a baby sibling. The incredible miracle Little Miracles provides is one that we enjoy every day.

- Anthony Baldino, New York City, adopted Dominick from Guatemala, waiting on #2

Older Child Adoption...
When we began our adoption journey, we were surprised at how much of a challenge selecting an agency was! It was quite a daunting task…until we found Lori and Little Miracles. God truly led us to them and we could not have been more pleased! We would choose them again in a heartbeat! Not only is the staff in Texas wonderful, but we had a fabulous experience with our facilitator in Ukraine. They were always available to answer any questions or offer words of encouragement during the lengthy process. We were given all the support and help that we needed to complete the vast piles of paperwork. It was such a comfort to know that we weren’t alone and that we could trust LMI implicitly!

When we finally reached Ukraine, our months of praying for our children finally came to fruition. With our wonderful facilitator, Irena, as our guide we saw and visited with many children in an orphanage in Lugansk. But when we met “our” future children, we knew it immediately! Though we had “planned” on adopting two boys, we knew as soon as we met Valia that she would be our daughter. So, we came home with a son AND a daughter! How glad we are that we listened to God’s heart for His plan for our family.

We specifically chose to adopt older children (ages 6 and 7) and highly recommend the adoption of older children. We will be glad to talk with anyone regarding older child adoption!

Thank you, Lori and Little Miracles!

- Kirk and Amy Baggot,
Parents of Olson Valentine and John Daniel Vanya
Adopted July 26, 2002 in Lugansk, Ukraine

Leap of Faith, Switching Countries and Agencies...
Lori Scott was the stork that helped deliver my adorable daughter to me and I’m forever grateful! In the midst of my Romanian adoption journey in 2000 I made the difficult decision to switch countries due to the pending shut down of adoptions in Romania. Simultaneously I started having some concerns about my former adoption agency’s ethics and business practices. Out of deep concern about these issues I decided to switch countries and adoption agencies. I researched many agencies and Little Miracles kept popping to the top of the list because of Lori’s responsiveness and willingness to work with a single woman who was half way through the adoption process in another country. It also just felt right and I've learned that adoption is definitely a leap of faith.

Well, I made the leap into Little Miracles and Kazakhstan and couldn't be happier. I was wary and burned from my former agency’s practices and from the emotional issues of switching countries, but Lori was reassuring and ethical in every way. She shepherded me efficiently through the transition of my documents from Romania to Kazakhstan, accepting my daughter’s referral and the fairly quick travel process. There were no big surprises, no hidden fees and no discrepancies between my child’s initial health report and her actual health status. Lori was always available to take my calls and emails and I never felt in the dark about the process or what was required of me. I will always be thankful for Lori and her staff who helped bring my daughter home.

- Kelly Carmody, adopted Hope, 11 months old from Semey, Kazakhstan in 2001.

First Time Kazakhstan, Second Time Russia...
When we decided to adopt, I searched the internet for an agency. We wanted to adopt from Romania. The next day, Little Miracles answered my email and followed with a phone call. Lori and I clicked and I knew Little Miracles was the agency for us. Lori and her staff guided us through the paperwork. When Romania was no longer an option, Lori helped us choose another country. We choose Kazakhstan. We adopted a 3 year old Asian girl. In country, the staff was very helpful and always with us through the entire process. We brought our daughter home in July, 2001.

When we decided to adopt a second girl, we turned to LMI again. They were helpful and patient as we decided on a country and child. We chose to go to Russia and adopt a 6 year old girl. The in country service and staff were wonderful. We were well taken care of and welcomed by all involved from the interpeter to the judge. We brought our daugher home in November, 2002.

In neither country, we were ever asked for extra money or more paperwork. Both adoptions went as they should have. There were no surprises for us. We were told before hand the process and the staff in country explained it all again when we arrived. Our questions were always answered in a timely fashion, both here and in country. Lori and Pauline have been great and though I have never met them in person, I feel I have two friends in Texas. Definitely, if we decide to adopt again, we would go with Little Miracles.

- Cindy Carlson, adopted Alphia and Anya

Worth the difficult wait and roadblocks...
Our journey to parenthood was a difficult path. After going through years of infertility treatment, numerous procedures and suffering 8 pregnancy losses, we turned to adoption.

We had decided to adopt from Romania and chose an agency. We felt wonderful about our decision until the shut down in Romanian adoptions happened. It felt like yet another roadblock and we waited for over 9 months for Romania to open the doors to adoption again. Unfortunately, the wait was longer than anyone ever expected and we had to admit defeat and try again. Our paperwork was already completed and sitting in Romania, so we basically had to start all over again.

We decided to adopt from Ukraine and chose Little Miracles for our agency since our old agency only did Romanian adoptions at the time. Lori Scott was wonderful. We hit a few more obstacles trying to adopt from Ukraine, but Lori assisted us through every step.

I know the adoption process is overwhelming, especially for a couple that has already gone through the ringer, so to speak, with infertility.
I can honestly say that all the tears, all the frustration, all the disappointments felt like a small moment in time compared to the first time I held my two sons. I knew exactly why I had to wait all those years to become a parent because these two precious boys were meant to be mine.

Adoption is a giant leap of faith, but LMI relieved some of the fears of the unknown for us. Lori Scott is a wonderful person to have on your side if a problem should come up.

I guess my most important testimony would be that God can do anything and I have seen Him use Lori and LMI to make miracles happen. Never give up hope or think it will never be your turn to become a parent, I often felt that way, but when I sit back and look at the bigger picture…..I know I was born for the very moment I met my sons and became their mother.

- James and Lisa Ainsworth, adopted Jayton and Chase from Ukraine

Escorted from Guatemala...
We are all doing great here. Melany is a very good baby. She is still getting to know everyone. She knows mommy and daddy. At her last check up at the doctor, she weighed 20 pounds! She is such a healthy baby! She loves people and animals. We have had one visit from the social worker, and are due for another soon. Things are in the works for the readoption. We already got Melany's social security card. So we are all moving along here. We have been so busy. I can't thank you enough for our Melany. She is our angel.

- The Tallaksen Family, New Jersey, adopted Melany from Guatemala, 2005